Thursday, 7 February 2013

Case and Key Clothing Co.

image from Case and Key's Facebook page. 
My friend M. launched his own apparel brand today. It's called Case and Key. I had the honour of being his very first customer! His t-shirts are custom made and only 10 pounds! 

M. takes a white t-shirt and customizes it by tie-dying and hand printing his logo onto it, using a print screen and sewing the folded sleeves together.

He then sews his label onto the bottom.

And even the inside of his t-shirts have a personally printed label. 

And if all this isn't enough a handwritten tag with washing instructions and a thank you note are attached. 

I am very pleased with my new shirt and have never owned an item of clothing this personal. 

 Get your own here. 

P.S As stated on the website I would advise you to get them a size larger than you normally would. 

White Russian Doll - Lucky Soul

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