Sunday, 7 October 2012

Makeshift Décor

Having travelled to England aaall the way from Germany (and by plane) I was limited in what I could take to university. In an attempt to take literally my entire (walk-in) closet with me, I stuffed two suitcases so full that I spent the hour and a half I had on the plane praying that they would not explode. Having given my clothes priority while packing there was little room left for me to bring personal items with me. I have however managed to bring my collection of disposable-camera-photos which I have assembled over the summer, and which now serves as the only form of décor in my room along with one set of fairy lights.

Glass jars serve as storage for my jewelry collection and embellishment of my window-cill (distracting from an outrageously patterned curtain)  

Personally, orange would not be my first (or second,third,fourth,fifth...) choice of color for a wall, especially when the room also has a  the dark blue floor, door and curtains which leads to a complete clash in colors (going to art school, I feel justified to critique the aesthetics of my room ). However I do hope that my photos,which btw took half a lifetime to hang up, manage to at least somewhat distract from this interesting choice of color. 

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