Monday, 8 October 2012

Quality Street Fairy Lights

I have decided that rather than upsetting myself over the lack of aesthetics the interior designer of this room possessed, I would embrace the complete clash in colors by adding even more color to my blorange room! 

I was sitting in the kitchen eating 'Quality Street' chocolates with my flatmates when I noticed that their wrappers had two layers: a clear, colorful layer and a foil underneath. I figured I may as well try to cover my fairly lights with the different colored (well somewhat different at least, the toffee chocolates are more popular in our flat than milk chocolate and coconut...) wrappers so that they would give off colorful light. (This only worked because I chose the fairly lights that do not heat up) 

Et voilà! It worked! My fairly lights now shine in all different colors! High Five for the art student! 

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