Monday, 8 October 2012

Say Cheese!

I recently went to an event organized by Southampton's student union. The union was divided into two parts: a bar, and the actual club, 'The Cube'. Ministry of Sound was playing which was really fun music to dance to on a night out! However due to the fact that 'The Cube' was absolutely PACKED my dance moves were more me being swayed from side to side by my fellow fleemered freshers. I therefore opted for spending more time at the bar, outside or in a lovely photo booth that my flatmates and I discovered. 

This photo booth was my favorite part of the night. Four people were allowed in the booth at once and four photos were taken in black and white or color (we chose black and white, because lets face it, everybody looks better in black and white). One copy of the photo was printed and handed to you and the photos were also posted on the company's website and (like everything else) on Facebook. 
I had never been to a club that had such photo booths set up, but I do think it's a brilliant idea. It's fun and having a little visual aid can most definitely come in handy when putting together the puzzle pieces the morning after.  

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On another note : this song appears to be fairly popular here, I have heard it a couple times now while I was out... I am not too sure yet what my feelings are towards it...

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