Friday, 2 November 2012


I have never been huge on halloween costumes, but I guess going to art uni has had somewhat of an effect on me as this year I went all out! My friend E. and I decided that we would go as creepy zombie dolls. We looked on the internet for some inspiration and found some pretty cool make-up that people had worn. So, we decided we would try to do it ourselves. 
And here's how we did it: 

Step 1: Cover (and I mean really COVER) your face in white face-paint. 

Steps 2: put red lipsticks on your lips. I used a thin paintbrush for this to get it exactly right. I only covered the middle bits of my upper lip, exaggerating the shape of them and made my lower lips a little more pointy than they naturally are, to give my lips a dollish look. 

Step 3: Backcomb your hair. Using a hairbrush make your frizzy and voluminous by brushing it upwards. Add in (about a ton) of hairspray to make it stick. 

 Step 4: I then added eyeliner and eyeshadow to my eyes. Under my eyes I drew a line with black watercolor, then I made my eyelashes wet and blinked several times to make the black color run down my cheeks. 

Step 5: Use an eyebrow pencil to exaggerate the eyebrows. 

Et VoilĂ ! 

 Below is an image of my friend who also dressed up as a zombie doll. 

This is another one of my friends. She dressed up as a dead person. Quite a simple idea, but I think she definitely mastered the look! The red paint all over her is watercolor. 

And this is all of us together. Among us were two zombie dolls, a unicorn, an African Tribal Person (she spent most of her life living in Uganda and took her inspiration from there) and a dead person. 
Quite a random group! 

Sadly, before we even got into the club we were going to, it started pouring and all my make-up came off. 3 hours of getting ready for nothing.


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