Thursday, 1 November 2012

L's Paris- Le soir

This summer I spent a month in Paris with my friends. We did a fair amount of going out at night and some of the best nights I have had, I had in Paris! Here is a list of some of my personal favorite places to go for a good night out!

This is one of Paris' most famous clubs. We had a fun night there and the people were very cool and hip! At one point I was even busting some moves with a Mick Jagger look-alike. They have a lot of famous djs coming and playing there.

I think this club might even be my favorite out of all the ones I have been to in Paris (and trust me, I have seen plenty!) The warehouse-like interior contrasting the chandeliers hanging from the ceiling create a nice ambience. When there are large events they will even open up another room for smokers and when entering you will feel like you are stepping into the belle-epoque, thanks to it's old-fashion design. It is a nice opportunity for socializing if your feet hurt from all the dancing, even for non-smokers. 
Coming here, I have met some very fun and interesting people and heard some of the coolest music I have heard in Paris yet. 
Last weekend I went to an event celebrating the 10 years of the french label Ekleroshock with artists such as Danger and Data performing.  

On a Monday we went to Le Queen, located on the Champs-Elysées. Mondays is Disco-Night. They play all kinds of disco music from the 70s and 80s. This too was a great night! 
Oh, and did I mention : Entrance is free for girls till 12.30 am! 


This club is a rather small and hidden club and I have been told that getting in can be difficult sometimes (however as we were 3 dressed up girls, we succeeded!). As it was once a brothel, the interior is very decadent but cosy. The music was great and their house cocktail is the most delicious drink I have ever tasted and worth every cent of it's outrageously high price of 15 Euro. 
Entrance is free. 

Last weekend J. and I went to Le Régine's. We thought that nowhere we would go, would be as fun as the night before at le Nouveau Casino, but Le Régine's came quite close. 
After making our way down the endless winding staircase, we were faced with a large room with mirrored ceilings, excellent music and a friendly crowd. Thank God for us the clock was changed to daylight saving time that night, which meant we had an extra hour of fun! We still managed to stay till 6 am (which technically would have been 7am...). I think this is proof enough that this club is worth a visit! 

 Images by Andrew Brooke. 

If clubbing isn't your thing, I recommend Le Tape Bar, located near the Bastille. The bartenders are friendly and the music selection cool! Furthermore, it's prices are decent which is something rather rare in Paris. 

the walls are covered with people's signatures. 
We also left our mark! (below)

8. Le Trocadéro

As cliché as this sounds right now, the Trocadéro is really worth visiting if you want to have a lovely view of of the Eiffel Tower at night! 

Maybe grab a hot-dog from one of these fast food stands, and enjoy it and the lovely view. 

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