Tuesday, 25 December 2012

creativity is key

Here is some evidence that it is indeed very possible to have a proper christmas meal (English style) without an oven!

All we had to do was buy a precooked chicken from Tesco and simply reheat it in our microwave. 
The baked potatoes and veg we boiled and then put them in the microwave at oven setting to make them nice and crisp (admittedly it took about 5 times as long as it would have in the oven, but the wait just made it taste all the better). We defrosted and boiled some frozen peas and broccoli, made some nice gravy and stuffing from a pack and defrosted yorkshire puddings. 
And this is the result!

Okay, it was not as good as at home but for some amateur student cooks it was quite the feast.  

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