Tuesday, 25 December 2012

modern traditions

Should anyone reading this ever be visiting Frankfurt and not know where to go for a fun night here is one suggestion: Shooters
It is in Frankfurt's famous (or perhaps notorious is the better word) Alt-Sachsenhausen, a traditional style bar-street with a variety of restaurants and bars, non of which are too expensive.
This is a shot bar that that has just under 200 different shots on offer at 2euro each, which is affordable.
Long drinks and cocktails are not too pricey either. 

Whenever we go, we play a game where the person to your left orders your shot and you order the person to your right's shot. 
However last time we changed it up a bit since I volunteered as designated driver and could not participate, I was allowed to pick the shots for everyone at the table! 

Our friend K (middle) did not appear to enjoy the shot I picked for her too much... Sorry, not sorry. 

P.S If you have a friend who is "single-and-ready-to-mingle" I advise to get them the single shot. He/she will then be handcuffed to another single of the opposite sex and they will each be given a glass of champagne to drink while they have a lovely chat. It's always a laugh. Who knows maybe your friend will find his/her true love.
And if you have someone sitting next to you that you don't like my recommendation would be the Monica Lewinski shot. I will not go into detail on this one as it is far to inappropriate to tarnish the innocent contents of my blog with it, you'll just have to trust me on this one. 

And here is a catchy tune to get you into the mood for a night out (the video is also worth watching)

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