Saturday, 8 December 2012

I need to hear it again and again...

Today I have been having somewhat of a lazy day. I did not leave the house, let alone change out of my pyjamas. But you know what, I am not even sorry. I have been cuddled up in my bed listening to Florian Ostertag and working on my project.
Florian Ostertag playing at Das Bett, Frankfurt am Main. 2012.

Florian Ostertag is a German musician. He makes some very good music, especially if you are feeling lonely, heartbroken or just in the mood to chill and relax. 
I was lucky enough to see him live in Frankfurt in March. You know how sometimes when you see your favourite artist live and then it turns out they actually can't sing (#rihanna)? Well with F. Ostertag this was certainly not the case. Also, he does a very good job keeping his fans up-to-date on his facebook page. For a while he even accepted his fans as a friend on his facebook profile, until it reached its maximum capacity. However you can still subscribe to his updates. The efforts he makes to keep his fans updated makes him seem very down-to-earth, which is a quality many other artists do not appear to posses. 
All I can really say is I love his music and I really recommend having a listen. 


better version of you (this one is my favourite)


And now back to work.

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